Metering & Energy Monitoring

Metering & Energy Monitoring

Analog Devices is a pioneer in electronic energy metering through our early introduction of energy metrology components. Increasingly, the use of Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) systems has intensified the requirements for efficient meter communications systems, and once again ADI technology is at the forefront. ADI supports all types of metering systems with a wide range of solutions including metrology, isolation, power management, and communication products. Explore detailed block diagrams, product recommendations, and other application-specific information for your area of interest using the links below.


    Energy Measurement Core

    ADE7878: Polyphase Multifunction Energy Metering IC with Per Phase Active and Reactive Powers

    ADE7953: Single Phase Multifunction Metering IC with Neutral Current Measurement

    ADE7763: Single Phase Active and Apparent Energy Metering IC

    ADE7753: Single Phase Multifunction Energy Metering IC with di/dt Input (Serial Port Interface)

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    PLC Transceiver

    ADE8155: Narrow-Band Power-Line Communications Slave Modem IC with Networking Stack

    ADSP-BF506F: Blackfin with Executable Flash, Analog-to-Digital Converter and Optimized Peripheral Set for Industrial and General-Purpose Applications


    RF Transceiver

    ADuCRF101: Precision Analog Microcontroller ARM Cortex M3 with ISM Band Transceiver

    ADF7021: High Performance Narrow-Band ISM Transceiver IC

    ADF7023: High Performance, Low Power, ISM Band FSK/GFSK/OOK/MSK/GMSK Transceiver IC

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Visit the Electric Meters page for help on system considerations, product selection, and access to other resources.

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