Water/Gas/Heat Meters

Water/Gas/Heat Meters

Analog Devices is a pioneer in electronic energy metering through our early introduction of energy metrology components. Increasingly, the use of Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) systems has intensified the requirements for efficient meter communications systems, and once again ADI technology is at the forefront. ADI supports all types of metering systems with a wide range of solutions including metrology, isolation, power management, and communication products. Use the links below for help on system considerations, product selection, and other resources or use the Select A Solution tool below to browse interactive system block diagrams and product recommendations.

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System Considerations

  • Overview
    Water, gas, and heat utilities worldwide are selecting and deploying AMR and AMI communications networks.   These smart meter networks bring unique communications requirements driven by the need to deploy millions of meters in difficult to reach locations and meet the demands of industrial grade equipment.   These flow meter have the added challenge of powering the RF communication module solely on battery power.  Utilities expect decades of useful life from their meters, without the need to replace batteries. 

  • Communications
    Even with power consumption as a critical constraint, these meter communications systems must also be designed to operate in extremely noisy and increasingly crowded spectrum.  Unlicensed RF bands are particularly challenging with no ability to control noisy neighboring networks and this spectrum becomes increasingly crowded as more meters are deployed.  Successful deployment depends on cost driven components designed specifically for these unique challenges.  Network robustness will depend on providing optimal link margin with devices with high sensitivity.  In addition these systems must be designed with excellent interferer and adjacent channel blocking performance. 

    A meter communications engineer is faced with a highly constrained problem, in both cost and power.  A portfolio of components spanning RF transceivers, processors, power management that were designed to optimize network robustness with the lowest power consumption is essential.   Extremely low power sleep modes and feature such a wake-on-radio can add years to battery life.  Finally, as the power requirement for communication is reduced, more power is available to support value added features such as remote shut off, tamper resistance and leak detection.

Product Selection Tables

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