Transmission / Distribution

Transmission / Distribution

The roll-out of smart grid technologies is placing greater emphasis on the means of delivering energy so that cost, reliability, security, efficiency, and environmental friendliness improvements can be realized. A key aspect of this is the installation and upgrading of monitoring equipment along electrical transmission and distribution systems. Analog Devices provides a wide range of measurement and processing solutions for such equipment. Explore detailed block diagrams, product recommendations, and other application-specific information using the link below, or browse general content here.

Protective Relaying (Power Line Monitoring)


    Multichannel Simultaneous Sampling ADC

    AD760x: 4-/6-/8-Channel DAS with 14-/16-/18-Bit Bipolar Simultaneous Sampling ADC

    AD7656-1: 250 kSPS, 6-Channel, Simultaneous Sampling, Bipolar 16-Bit ADC


    DSP Processor

    SHARC ADSP-21469: High Performance Fourth Generation DSP

    SHARC ADSP-21363: High Performance 32-Bit Floating-Point SHARC Processor for General-Purpose Applications


    Signal Conditioning

    AD8275: G = 0.2, Level Translation, 16-Bit ADC Driver

    OP1177: Precision Op Amp (Single)

    OP2177: Precision Op Amp (Dual)

    OP4177: Precision Op Amp (Quad)


    Isolated Digital Interface

    ADuM12xx: Dual-Channel Digital Isolator

    ADuM14xx: Quad-Channel Digital Isolator

    ADM2582E/ADM2587E: 2.5 kV Signal and Power Isolated RS-485 Transceiver (16 Mbps/500 kbps)

    ADM2682E/ADM2687E: 5 kV rms Signal and Power Isolated RS-485 Transceiver (16 Mbps/500 kbps)


    Voltage Reference

    ADR421: Ultraprecision, Low Noise, 2.500 V XFET® Voltage References

    ADR431: Ultralow Noise XFET® Voltage References with Current Sink and Source Capability


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Visit the Protective Relaying (Power Line Monitoring) page for help on system considerations, product selection, and access to other resources.

Multichannel Simultaneous Sampling ADC Power Management DSP Processor Signal Conditoning Isolated Digital Interface Voltage Reference Signal Conditoning Signal Conditoning
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